This group is about anything we feel that it’s important to add. Mainly from the app called “Clapper”, we decided to add it to our website.

We’ll be focusing on the value and importance individuals have with stress on personal conflicts that people are going through in order to find their way to a “quality” type of life. By the word “QUALITY”, I mean that we’re all working through difficult times in our lives either currently, or in our past. What we try to maintain is moving life forward into something I term as the “Phoenix Chapters”.

The Phoenix Chapters

The Phoenix Chapters – We’ll Leave the Light on for You.

The Phoenix Chapters of our lives can vary between different individuals. The information, video interviews, and things seen in this page may be traumatic, but all true. We’re creating a support outlet for those who need it.

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We’ll leave the light on for you!


Friends Helping Friends, Supporting, Listening, and Giving Advice

We've gathered on "Clapper" in a tool called "Radio" to have group discussions. You can find "The Dig Vegas" on The "Clapper" app, and begin your own Phoenix Chapter with us.

Take a look at our pages here, then download your "Clapper" app and sign up. Follow us on "Clapper" for more support.