A good article about me might be titled: Former U.S. veteran, and retired international security specialist turns to unique live show writing as a late profession.”


I’m Christoph (Shows) Carter. After a career, I turned to what I wanted to do when I was in highschool. I wrote stories. I realized that simply writing was not enough for me.

I discovered shows on stage that gave real life to a story. I began to study how they were produced and, how the audiences felt after watching them seeing them. These stories on stage were performed through companies like Cirque Du Soleil (9 Las Vegas shows), Franco Dragone (Le Reve in the Wynn Hotel and Casino), Michael Flatley (Lord of the Dance), Cameron Macintosh (world-known stage show Les Miserables), and others. They all became both my heroes and teachers. Every movement made by the performers, the lights, even the music used was a target of my study.

As a result, I’ve written several stories. After the graphic novels are produced, from this campaign, we’ll be able to market them and get them, gain funds, and pitch producers in places like Las Vegas for the production of real shows live on stage.This endeavor has become my passion. Producing these stories in graphic novel format is the first step. Later, the next step is to produce the actual live show.

Our Shows

Small presentation

COVID-19 and Other Variations has Stopped Live Shows

This is the first part of a full 3 phase project. Due to COVID-19, live entertainment has been taking a step back around the world. I am looking to gain momentum with the graphic novels. When all is clear with COVID, the team and I will market the works to people in the live entertainment industry for full entertainment live show productions. A few may possibly be movies. It really just depends on where we market them.

  1. Barnum saw no reason why he couldn’t put a smile on people’s faces. Neither do I. This world has changed in so many ways. The pandemic has made us realize that this world wasn’t perfect, but it’s now time to make it better.
The Figurine Poster

The crafter blows an amazing version of a Ballerina who dances inside a glass bubble.

I want to help lives change

I want to help lives change. If even just for a day by entertaining groups or crowds. If they could forget their stress for just a little while, it would be a wonderful thing. These colorful, energetic shows are my passion. Hopefully, they will bring a smile or happy tear to those who see them. These graphic novels are only the beginning.

Each graphic novel produced will be a storyboard for an actual live show to be produced.

Step 1

“We are beginning slowly so that development and marketing can take place.”

We plan to begin with illustrated graphic novels. We will market and sell them on Amazon. This will give time to develop a fan base. The novels will also be used as storyboards for investors who can understand how the show will look if produced on stage. The colors and the life it gives through the novels will be extremely enhanced by a live show based on the story. The published graphic novels will be the springboard to gain funds and some independence.

Step 2

With a team of people, marketing the graphic novels can gain momentum with a platform of people who support both the graphic novels and anticipate seeing the show.

 (Phase 1)

The total amount needed would be $15,000

There are 7 stories ready to be composed into Graphic Novels. At the moment, we’re focusing on creating at least 3 of the 7 graphic novels. Next, we will put them on Amazon for sale as digital graphic novels.

Each graphic novel will be a $5000 budget (5,000 x 3 graphic novels = $15,000). Under my direction, graphic artists will put together the storyboard and form a suitable graphic novel to be marketed by social media and other outlets.

We’ll begin with one novel if funding is not fulfilled.

If there are funds are totally fulfilled, ideas are on the table to take some of the left over funds and file for a “C” corporation with plans to launch a PRE-IPO. For now, these are only ideas. We might appreciate some input from our supporters.

I’ll show you what you can receive from supporting my project when you click this NEXT button. It’s a lot of stuff per support amount you’ll see.

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Graphic Novel

Wind and Waves blew hard while Yana prayed to the Sea Dragon for salvation.


We’ve got LOTS of Perks to Offer our Supporters

To all who support by sending any amount, we’ll be sending a newsletter monthly to show how we’re progressing.


Coffee Cup with a storyboard scene from one of the graphic novels.

A personal letter of thanks signed by the whole team. This is a letter entitling you to a free show seat for 2 when shows are produced.

A video message of personal thanks from Christoph. There will be encouraging words to inspire and motivate keeping you always looking forward and true to yourself.

A 24 x 36-inch poster will be signed by creators and artists.

A T-shirt with a poster picture of one of the graphic magazines on it.

An Audiobook version of one of our stories in graphic novel fashion produced and narrated by Christoph.

A graphic novel with an embossed cover including a complete story and several pages explaining the breakdown of how characters are formed and used.

1st issue (second edition) EPIC stamped and printed copy of a graphic novel intended to be produced as we progress to the stage.

An image of one of the storyboard artists in pen and, a personal letter of thanks signed by Christoph.

A golden embossed lifetime ticket for any show at any time, anywhere in the world, when a show is produced from the graphic novel. Encased in plastic, this hardcover will protect your gold ticket from water and different conditions.

Lifetime distribution DVD copy of each show.

After it’s been produced on video from the graphic novel.  A personal video of thanks with special inspiring words by Christoph.


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Be a guest during an on site photography session.

Be involved in our modeling stage to see how our process works while we strive to achieve our goals.

Other Surprises!

Hand picked by Christoph, there will be other surprises as support is sent. We will announce those as soon as they become available.

Graphic Novel Newsletter

“Song of the Samurai”
Hitaka and the Young Samurai in struggle.

Christmas on 34th street

Miracle Poster 34th Street

The Sea Draong

Elements of Fire

Coffee cup and tee-shirt logo for “Elements of Fire”



We understand if there are not enough supporters

If the entire goal has not been reached, I’ll take what was offered and focus totally on the core beginnings. Hopefully, we’ll be able to produce at least one of the graphic novels. I’ll have maybe one or two illustrators working a concentration of the most important scenes for each one.

We realize there is a possibility of not reaching our entire goal.

If supporters send $1,000 or more, will have the option of receiving a monthly newsletter telling the progress of the graphic novel projects. Other goodies will be hidden in the newsletters like links where they’ll be able to see special features such as bloopers, and progress videos.

If the entire goal has not been reached, I’ll take what was offered and focus totally on the core beginnings. This would be the graphic novel or novels. I’ll have maybe one or two illustrators working on a concentration of the most important scenes, and fit each story into a graphic novel. Publish the graphic novel (s) to Amazon, then, begin the hard journey of working my way through to clients who would like to see a story come to life on their stage.

Impacting our Audience

This is a Graphic Novel Start-up that’s going to lead to LIVE SHOW PRODUCTIONS eventually.

I want to impact my audiences in both a delightful and electric way. The graphic novel is the first step. My small team and I hope to produce as many graphic novels as possible. We’ll find distribution outlets, then them to comic book collectors and other collectors as much as possible creating a certain following that will eventually lead to bigger things.  If we’re able to progress well enough, There’ll be live productions of our stories later. Audiences will see a story from where it began to how appears on stage live. Certain perks will apply for supporters who have sent the amounts in on our campaign that grant them free access to future shows and seating. Free merchandise will be available as well to these individuals.

Impacting You

The next level of universal entertainment worth your time in the long run.

Imagine sending support to a graphic novel creator who intends to produce quality live shows from his creations. Then, imagine yourself being an honored guest at one of those live shows with presidential treatment as a thanks for helping something awesome come to be.

Now imagine yourself being part of a production team in the graphic novel or a stage production of the novel. We’ll be holding auditions, and contests later on that.

Impacting All of Us

I want to experience people and their reactions to new ideas. I’d like to speak with them as an opportunity to understand their enthusiasm in how they see both the novels and the shows. I can learn a lot from meeting new people who like what I’m doing. I’d like to be in the business of making friends and spreading good vibrations.

Overall Impact

It’s a Global Thing

Franco Dragone (a long time veteran of live circus type shows,) has built up a reputation and is known all over the world as a true storyteller. Even now during rough times, his shows have begun running again. Here is a link for him on YouTube:


Other Projects I’ve Produced

I’ve produced a current project coming out in the next year will be “Christoph Shows Back Seat Show Reviews” spotlighting live stage performances of all sorts.
Christoph Shows Back Seat Show Reviews Magazine
You can find the first issue here:

Christoph Shows Ent: Back Seat Show Reviews Mag.

Film&Art productions as well as Live Stage Performances.

Click the Link to get the Magazine:




“Elements of Fire”

The Audio Book

Elements of Fire

An Audio book of our first story “Elements of Fire” has been published and is out for $1 on this link:

“Elements of Fire”.
You can find it here:

Graphic Novel Newsletter

A few risks:

Producing a graphic novel takes huge effort and time. Dedication to it is easy, passion is sometimes overwhelming. Finding the right team is about finding the best partners who “Gel” with the process of this kind of creation. There are still a few things that need to be worked out for future projects.


The risk is honestly time. How funds will come in, and where the marketing edge can be found. 

This can be overcome with simple planning and a methodical process. One thing is that Guy Kawasaki once spoke on is a “Post-Mortem” observation of a project.

He makes a statement “Why wait until you fail?” He begins with a meeting with board members and poses the question:

As the project is in the middle of moving forward, let’s pretend it failed several months later, and we’re already there at that point.

Guy systematically points out that a brainstorming session can help find the dips and dives before they are run into. This way, they can be overcome before falling into them.

I plan to run meetings on every step and phase before moving forward with decisions. This only makes sense because we will be responsible to the contributors here on the campaign.

  1. I’ll be using a locked social media room
  2. We’ll be discussing several different ways to promote, market, and bring each step to a positive outcome.


The graphic novel is only the beginning of the plan. A slow start of a dynamic idea.

  1. The graphic novel will continually be pitched to both live show producers and movie production companies. We are open-mindedly trying to gain momentum so that options are open to a movie such as the version of  Les Miserables by Cameron Macintosh with Hugh Jackman and Ann Hathaway.
  2. The production of graphic novels may be a higher cost than expected. If this is a problem, I have two options, simply let the sales of a single graphic novel build the budget, or continue with another campaign for further budgetary reasons.
  3. In the overall process, there are bound to be needed changes. A board of directors will have enough experience to know how to use the ever-popular “Turn on a dime” strategy. I plan to select the best people for that board as possible.
  4. I have a pre-selected team of people who can be gathered quickly at every turn to keep things running smoothly.


If it’s not quite possible to contribute, that’s ok.


Just spread the word.

We all have our difficulties. I realize every person who reads this may think it’s a good idea but can’t contribute. Still, you can help. If someone really likes what we’re doing, they can share it on social media. Talk about it on www.clapper.com, Twitter, Twitch, or any other format that creative individuals could be on. Simply share the news that there’s an up-and-coming creative talent out there that has some great ideas.

We all have our difficulties. I realize every person who reads this may think it’s a good idea but can’t contribute. Still, you can help. If someone really likes what we’re doing, they can share it on social media. Talk about it on www.clapper.com. Send our link and let them read for themselves how great this opportunity is.

After they do that, let us know. We will send a personal thank you letter for the efforts. We may even sneak in a golden ticket letter to our invisible helpers.


Let us know what steps you have taken so we can be involved and offer advice. We want to reward our loyal followers, so we’ll look for ways to do that.

After you’ve done that, let us know. We will send a personal thank you letter for the efforts. We may even sneak in a golden ticket letter to our invisible helpers.