Ukraine War

The Dig Vegas is in Ukraine. We need your help.



For everyone who helps, we’ll find ways to thank you.

For now, Thank YOU in Advance!

April 21, 2022

Finally, we’ve found a way to send money. Here’s the synopsis:

This came from a very diligent person who wanted very much to help. If there are any other people who need this kind of help, don’t hesitate to use the same recipe.

Click your mobile Paypal App or go to from your browser.

Click “Send” button

Click “Send Internationally”

Click “Send to someone New” (Once the person has sent you their PayPal, Your name will save on PayPal so they don’t have to keep starting from scratch πŸ™‚ )

Next, it will ask you ” Where are you sending? Search or Click “Ukraine”.

Next, it will have you put in EUR exchange . After putting in the dollar amounts you want to send, so you would click.

“NEXT” to continue.

Next page, “Receiving Options” You will want to click “Bank deposit with a Privatbank
Card”, or the card that person gives you.

Click Next.

Type in the Debit Card #Contact me from the form below

Click next

Here, you will add in all Contacts Details. It will need to be written as FOLLOWS:

Name: Christopher George
Last Name: Carter
Address: Ukraine 75701 region Khersonska district Skadovskyi
City: Skadovsk
Phone Number: 380996331293

Click Next

Choose Way to Pay: Click which way you would like to pay.

Click Next
Review and Send

And thats it πŸ™‚