Chris Voice – Music Reviewer

I’m on Spotify with music reviews, and my own chosen set of music. Come on and look for me as I offer services reviewing artist’s music. The review will go through every song you have up on Spotify, or simply one song at your request.
I’ve been known to pic a few hits now and then. Discovered artists and referred them to labels. It really depends on the type of talent, and how they arrange their music.

Having talent doesn’t mean you can do something everyone else can’t. Having talent doesn’t mean that you can do better than everyone else. What having talent means is that you do what you do and very well. That’s where I come in.
Where music is concerned, those who have great musical talent are those who can sing, and producing what everyone else is already thinking, or has thought at one time or another. Then, they know how to put it into a melody that’s pleasing other’s souls.
Some use their talent to tell the story of where they come from while others tell stories of love and funny things.
Get my attention, contact me and we can talk about reviewing your music.

Here’s a review on George Ducas:
This would be a song that needs to be played in the middle of a 90-minute concert halfway to the break or after break halfway to the end. I would suggest a speech to get people to think about the words. Also, to push it wherever you can get it in on the radios or even a movie end credits.

This is a song with great dynamics, good ballad or story, has real meaning and should be played to cool the pace of the concert, or get an audience dancing. The tempo would give way to either not too slow or not too fast.

A great beginning or just after beginning song to get the audience pumped up and moving. After a break, or begin the concert. Also can be used with a short set because of the dynamic values.

This would be a song that is a total package. It has everything needed to feed an audience at their core. Your audience loves you, but these songs will make them fall in love with you all over again. This song will say the words people are thinking like it reads their minds. The reason it will be a hit is because:
1. People can’t get it out of their heads
2. People talk about it, and you
3. It says exactly what the abstract in their mind says about whatever the subject is.
This will be the main song you want to push with any type of opportunity.

Don’t leave her Lonely – 3+
Great Bar Dance/ Concert begin or end/ after a break
Personal sentiment
Great traditional beat
Dynamics are where they should be as far as sing along
*Definitely needs a music video
*Grammy/CMA worthy
*Push this song wherever you can

Country Badass – 2.5
Circles emotions of a true country boy- (I’ve seen this kind of guy myself)
Good for small circles, bonfires and mini concerts
*Middle of a full concert song with some kind of show where they take a guy dressed like the “Country Badass” tar and feather him and take him off stage – Entertainment Value
*Music Video

Baby Mama – 2
Great Sing-Along Value – (Participate with the audience, make a show of it.)
This kind of song you’ll want to play in the middle on the way to your break or coming out of your break in a full concert.
*Never play it at the end.

Love you like Eastwood – 3++
This one begins slow, and goes down like a good whiskey. It’s the kind of song you’ll want to spearhead a concert with or play at the very end. If you play it at the end of a concert, my suggestion would be to write in an extended version. The crowd will love it and still cry for more. This can be a golden hit or better. Keep pushing it.

I’m all in – 2
Great catchy tune. It has everything it needs. The straight dynamic format begins at one tone, but ends in the same tone which makes it perfect for a middle song but a lead in story (Story about the song,) or just a transition to the song if you’re in a concert. Perfect sway at the end. Very nice for a stop and clap when you finish dancing.

Old Timers – 3
Every artist needs a few like these. You can put them anywhere in a concert where you feel they fit. You need at least one, this is it. It’s about a father, a grandfather, or anyone who’s close to us. It says something many people think.
*A really good quality music video may be a good idea. This could be shown while you’re playing it during a concert.

Unlove You – 3+
After you slow the heartbeat of an audience with something like Old Timers, you need to slowly pick them back up. This song would do it. It gives the chance to reflect on another type of heartbreak and move slowly into another pumped song for the next.
*The words say what a lot of people say in their hearts both men and women. This should be a hit somewhere down the line.
*PUSH it, and use it in even your smallest sets. It shows voice quality like Eastwood, and others.
*It shows the real dynamic crescendo of a great song..

I Got This – 3+
Here is the next lead to your audience lift. After the last two songs, this will help the concert move. In an intimate setting I wouldn’t use it unless you’re at the Crystal Palace (Like a small Grand Ol’ Opre.) I think Buck Owens would have appreciated this song. He was always that kind of guy. One of his favorites artists was Trace Atkins.

Why Start Now – 3
Great song with attitude. Typical common sense in the words that has a real rooted country movement to it. I lean to the rating I give for more info on this one.

Cold Bud – 2.5 (3++)
For personal reasons I gave it a double plus for personal reasons. (I love BUD! I’ve got a few tall boys in my fridge even now.)
I don’t have a listed 2.5 but I think it’s almost a 3. it’s got that fun type of Country Deluxe feel and the dynamic in it to grab attention. It grabbed mine just listening to it.
*It feels fun and free like it should. A great sing along for sure!
Preachers and Pushers – 2
Honestly the number says it all in this one. It’s also a great sing a long.
Yellow Rose Motel – 3
This is a rare song. It’s long and good to the last drop. I’m not sure if the radio won’t play it because it’s long. There’s really no way to cut it to a radio version. But I love the bravery to make it just the way it is. It’s great. It hits the ballad and blues/country feeling in my heart.

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