The Sea Dragon

Come into a world that contains a story within a story as young Yana learns about adventure, and love while she fights an evil Sea Dragon who takes a beautiful world and destroys it so no living being could live there except for Serenity: the Queen of the Mountains and Shores. (An up coming graphic novel plan for a live show.)

This production will be full of acrobats, dancing, singing, and one more thing…. It will have LOTS of WATER!

The Sea Dragon Poster

The Sea Dragon “The Attack”

The placid winds grew cold. They began to speed up. The large wooden ship began to toss and turn in the rustle of the waves crashing on it’s sides. Suddenly a sharp crack and the main mast came crashing down on top of some of the seamen. The Sea Dragon raised it’s horned head as Yana began to pray to him that she would sacrifice herself in order to save her father. She vowed to give her life to the Sea Dragon while he was trying to save others from falling into the cold rough waters.

He accepted. She jumped in as her father screamed her name for the last time.

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